Kuhol Eggs


On returning to Lake Caliraya for a weekend escape from the urban noise (e.g. car engine noise), I noticed plenty of kuhol (snail) egg clusters in plants, tree trunks, boulders, boat dock, and boats this month. So apart from sitting crossed-leg on the dock waiting and watching for the occasional jump of fish in the water, birdwatching sans binoculars, reading Robert Parker’s Spenser novel, and other “doing nothing” activities, I thought about keeping stock photos of kuhol eggs.


A pair of kuhol picked from the water

Seeing those pink eggs very close while taking pictures, I wondered if there is some kind of pattern in the count of eggs per elongated mass. Right now, I also wonder if the egg adhesive can be used as household adhesive. Seems like the substance can bond on a variety of surfaces and is even water resistant.


In demand real estate for laying eggs


I guess any surface will do


Even on mother-in-laws tongue (plant)


Perhaps any leaf will do


Some on boulders


I wonder if they all laid eggs at the same time in this trunk


Snail still laying eggs



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