Hot Weather Solution


Obviously there is market for assortment of cold drinks in Malaysia’s hot weather but it’s interesting to note that the beverages are quite exotic, not like the usual soft drinks or flavored fruit drinks one can just easily buy and sell. Except for the coconut-based and sugar-based ones which have Philippine counterparts when it comes to roadside drinks, they have syrup-based drinks. The pink one known as bandung is quite popular. It tastes creamy floral syrupy sweet and refreshing though I’d prefer the a la gula Melaka drink, an improved taste of the Philippine palamig – must be the type of sugar used.


Then of course they have cendol drinks.  I’ve had cendol in various preparations from drinks to alphabetic desserts in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, must be a Southeast Asian thing except that it’s unknown in the Philippines – which is unfortunate. My Malay blood responds very well to it. In short, I love cendol.




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