Run for all Seasons


Fire tree

The gated community where I reside in Metro Manila has plenty of matured trees. Running all year round, I unconsciously got into the habit of observing seasons for blooming or fruiting. One couldn’t possibly miss the duhat season once its fruits littered the roads. Even in those designated running lane at the parks, one has to be careful to run around its fallen fruits or else you’ll get stains on your shoes or worst you’ll trip. Seeing those abundant duhat fruits just for the birds to eat and for the overripe ones to litter the ground, makes me want to harvest them myself and eat. Duhat season usually starts at the end of school year, on March.

When the duhat season is almost over, the Indian mango trees will by then be filled with fruits, a signal of the height of summer season in the country. There are plenty of mango trees in the village and there’s this one house who wants the whole village know that no one is allowed to pick their mangoes. They put up a sign that reads “Bawal magpitas ng mangga.” Beside the mango trees, the bougainvillea bloomed and colored the gardens of residents in its most saturated look under the intense summer sun. By the end of summer and around this time, santol trees are beginning to bear fruits while the fire trees are blooming intensely.



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