Arakurayama Jaunt


Ascending and the trail is still a bit wide from here

I was thinking that if my legs were mildly sore from the Mount Fuji trek, then perhaps a short hike to the top of Mount Arakura (Arakurayama) the following day might be soothing, plus I get to see Fujiyoshida City from above.


At the goten, I was on a supposed to be a good spot to have a pleasurable view of Mount Fuji from afar. But since it’s summer, Fujisan is hardly visible due to the haze, but since it’s summer then it’s a good time to climb Mount Fuji instead, which I did.


The top of Mount Arakura


Hanging gong


Hammer to strike the suspended gong


Sign at the goten (viewing spot)


Fujiyoshida City on a plateau as seen from the goten


Another view from the goten


Almost at the end of the descent


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