Fujisan Trek: Readying


Ample information provided by Japan that there’s no need to hire a guide to climb Mount Fuji

When Gerard, my classmate in high school, told me stories about his Mount Fuji hike, I was intrigued that the idea of doing it myself has been on my mind since 2013. I’d be a fool not to climb Mount Fuji.

So in this year’s climbing season I got to hike (finally) and saw Japan’s rising sun from the summit. It was incredibly brilliant, and as beautiful as the sunrise of Mount Pulag.


Challenge poster

Prior to the actual hike, here are some snapshots related to readying not just for me but as observed around me mostly right before the climb that commenced at the 5th Station of the Yoshida trail.


Donation of at least ¥1000 for the preservation of Mount Fuji as a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Advice book in exchange for donation. Very handy information inside. If only I got hold of this days before the climb and not on the day itself


No doubt we’re in Japan. See the mascot yonder?…


Climbing sticks


Soba with plenty of local summer vegetables from a restaurant at the 5th station


Start of the trail at the 5th station…more on Fujisan trails in future post(s)



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