Railway Boxed Lunch


The store that sells bian dang (boxed lunch) at the railway station

Twice in separate days I bought TRA’s (Taiwan Railways Administration) carton boxed lunch at the train station for the purpose of convenience and experience. Going around Taipei and its neighboring towns via Metro and TRA, I’ve observed and verified by myself that it’s very handy to buy boxed lunch at the stations and then have a quiet meal on park benches or any seating one can find in public spaces.


Another TRA boxed lunch store

The boxed lunch typically consists of pork chop, tofu, rice, stir fried vegetables, and stewed egg. At NT$60 it was satisfying and simply delicious. I ate my bian dang (local term for railway boxed lunch) on a bench in Houtong, a cat village in Ruifang District. I also had bian dang on a bench in the grounds of Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall before touring this monumental memorial.


This one has English signage


Boxed lunches are usually located near the checkout counter


Yet another boxed lunch store. The TRA logo is an indication


One of the many passengers who bought bian dang


The carton lunch box dimension is similar to that of paperback pocketbook


Stewed egg, rice, stir fried vegetables, tofu, and pork chop



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