Aling Emma


Aling Emma in her daster

For years I would buy espasol, bibingka, and most frequently the Pinatuyuan sa Gata freshwater shrimps viand from Aling Emma. Her shack of a shop is in Pagsanjan, Laguna along the main highway in the poblacion. One day the shop was gone from the old location. Then, months later I was able to locate her to this new one, still in the poblacion and not that far from the original one. It’s still a shack, which I like. I’m just truly glad that there’s still Aling Emma and her tiny food shop, my favored stop in Laguna.


Espasol, suman, tikoy, vinegar in soft drinks plastic bottle containers, fish crackers, shing-a-ling, chicharon, etc.


Assortment of rice cakes and the pinatuyuang hipon sa gata (inside those stypor containers at the upper left side)


Pickled vegetables


The gateway to Aling Emma’s shop



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