Taiwan’s Water Dispenser


Drinking water dispenser at the train station

Ideally, something so essential such as potable drinking water should be accessible for free in public places like parks, museums, transportation hubs, airports, tourist sites, etc. Countries who can afford to provide free drinking water in their cities, Japan for example, typically have drinking fountains everywhere.


Drinking water dispenser at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

I’m surprised that in Taiwan, not only that drinking water is accessible to the public, but they spend considerably more in order to provide hot and cold water for free. Imagine how convenient that is. One can eat cup noodles practically anywhere. Same is true for any ‘just add hot water’ sort of instant food or beverages. Thus, instead of drinking fountains, Taiwan makes use of an upright water dispenser with three faucets — for hot, tepid, and cold water. This type of applianceĀ labeled as Digital Drinking Fountain is ubiquitous in Taiwan.


Drinking water dispenser at the hotel hallway


Drinking water dispenser at Taipei Zoo. Hot water as needed and by request only.


Refilling one’s water bottle instead of buying bottled water is encouraged in Taiwan



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