Taal Volcano Horses


Horse carrying its keeper and its food, or maybe food for the working horses

Taal volcano is a regular tourist destination for visitors in Manila. But this post is not about it. Rather this is dedicated to those poor horses employed by the tourists. The horse’s job is to carry visitors who prefer not to walk to the top of Taal volcano and back. That’s their routine the whole day every day. Folks living in the volcano make money from these creatures by asking 500 pesos for the ride.


Another horse carrying horse food

I think you don’t need to be extraordinarily fit to tread the same path as that of the horses. The trail is unchallenging. It took me just an hour of roundtrip walk with summit view appreciation. I heard a local says it’s about 4 kilometers to the top but I think he meant the roundtrip distance. It’s so easy. Too short for running though. So unless you consider horse riding an experience, walking is better especially on a just rained ground.


Child tourist on a horse


A grazing horse seen along the trail


Loading dock for tourists riding a horse


Obviously not a horse but this creature is welcome in this post too. See you can take a pause and appreciate a goat if you walk instead


Another creature sighted at Taal Lake, the beginning and end of the Taal volcano walking tour



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