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Betel Quid Peddler


When you hear sounds from a tambourine of crown caps, then most likely it’s the betel quid ambulant vendor with his sling of slatted wooden box containing neatly arranged betel quid in between slats. Most noticeably are the betel quid cones of colored grated coconut that are grouped together in alternating colors. I have seen more than a few betel quid vendors walking around in Colombo.


About the betel quid, though it is prettily presented and happily chewed, its habitual indulgence will have adverse oral health impact according to this informative article from a medical journal.


Aside from the tobacco leaves, betel leaf known as buyo in Bicol is a primary member of the nganga set (ugbas in Bicol).


Heart-shaped leaves that contribute to the "high feeling" of our geriatic folks (typically)

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