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Rice Hull Stove


Stove designed to use rice hulls as fuel

Uling is Da King


I bought that small sack of uling at the leftmost side and it cost 100 pesos

Most households that use LPG or electricity for cooking still rely on uling (charcoal) for grilling purposes as the resulting carbonized flavor in meat tastes so much better than those electric-grilled ones. Even the smell of charcoal-grilled isaw and other roadside skewered meat is more inviting. Hence, when it comes to inihaw food culture of the country, uling is da king.

Repurposed Rice Cooker


Decommissioned rice cooker as charcoal stove

Biomass Stove

I see this type of stove being sold in many places here in Masbate. It is made from concrete with reused steel rod as stove top.


Heavy to lift stove

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