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Wasay-wasay in its uncooked state

Charcoal-grilled wasay-wasay. Tastes even better than oysters.



A meal over lovingly prepared laswa sounds intimate

There are several variations in the ingredients of a Visayan soup known as laswa in Western Visayas and utan bisaya in Eastern Visayas. In a nutshell, laswa is simply boiled local lowland vegetables with a bit of fresh, dried or salted seafood (normally) for its stock. I grew up eating this soup and I still regularly prepare one in varying soup base. Apart from its regional variations, the vegetable set may not be exactly the same from one household to the next.
Here’s one recipe using fresh clams instead of my usual shrimp fry or dried fish for the soup flavoring.


Ingredients: Onion, tomato, clams, saluyot, squash, and okra


To begin cooking, bring to boil the chopped onion and tomato


Then add the kalabasa (squash) and okra, let it boil for a minute. Lastly, add the clams and saluyot, then let it simmer for less than a minute. All in all it will take just about 5 minutes or less of cooking time

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