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Enclosed Tree

An enclosed tree at Davao City Hall

Covid Signs

Tamarind Tree Signs

Beware of Falling Durian


Locals refer to this type of durian as ‘basketball.’

Folk Remedies

Folk remedies to drive away thieves, for protection during late stage of pregnancy, for good business, for allergies, etc.

Alingatong roots for kidney problems and other illnesses.


Bamboo Skewers

Typography: No Smoking

Wordless Sign: Fish Market


Barber Shop Sign

Seafood at Agdao Market

Mussels, clams, guso, etc.

Tuna carving


Round scad (galunggong)

Espada arrangement

Barilis Stall

Well-lighted tuna stall, with installed miniature altar for Santo NiƱo.

Indigenous Vendor

Matigsalug woman sells bracelets made from agsam (forest vine of fern family).

Improvised Straw Rope Dispenser

Plastic straw rope dispenser made from discarded carton.

Flatware Sterilizer

Rice cooker repurposed as flatware sterilizer.

Smoking Area

Smoking area in Davao City.

Juice Drink Stall

Juice drink vendor at Roxas Night Market in Davao City


Tubs of fermented fish at Bankerohan Market

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