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Queue Separator


Lengthwise cut of newspapers hung on straw ropes as distinct separator for precinct cluster queues in today’s Philippine Election. Due to this improvisation, the queueing was quite orderly early this morning.



Forthcoming is the barangay election thus campaign posters have sprouted in the villages all over the country. A government unit that operates at the people level is the barangay so this must be (should be) the most important government unit. I like the thought that this political unit exists prior to the arrival of Spaniards, hence it’s a Malay heritage with no bad memories as compared to those gobernadorcillo-headed pueblos and much bigger political units headed by alcade mayor and so on.


When it comes to campaign paraphernalia, I like those crude ones such as that repurposed rice sack poster with Pentel pen written "BILLYCARO"

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