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Fisherman’s Ensemble


This guy wears a parasol hat on his head and long sleeves shirt, has a Monobloc chair and Styrofoam chest on his bamboo raft, and equiped with three fishing rods. I guess this is an example of a well prepared fisherman on a whole day fishing mission at Lake Lumot.


Fisherman at Taal Lake


Fisherman readying his instrument

Sunday morning I went for a run starting at Lipa City Hall with a planned 30 km loop by passing through Mataas Na Kahoy town then Balete town then back to Lipa City Hall. But in order to view the Taal lake at the Balete side of Batangas, a detour of 1.5 km needs to be done that I ended up running 31.5 km instead.


So for a few minutes of rest here at Taal lake at about 17 km point of my run, I was able to take snapshots of this guy preparing his harpoon rifle to aim for passing fish five meters away from where he is sitting.


His paraphernalia – harpoon tip, bag and sunglasses

It’s not just about the short rest which is needed for the non-stop uphill run starting┬áthis point up to the 30th km point, but moreover the insight gained from this short detour which made my run an engaging pursuit.


His harpoon like instrument

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