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Ice Cream Cart


Ice cream cart at the Viharamahadevi Park



Dual Priced Coconut Ice Cream


This vendor was selling coconut ice cream served in half coconut shell with its coconut meat, then poured with condensed milk for a 30 baht refreshment. Moments later, one may find out that it was just 20 baht for locals but still consistently priced as 30 baht for foreigners. This realization came as I hung out just across the ice cream guy while quietly eating my delicious foreigner-priced ice cream.

Typography: Rolling Ice Cream


It's special because D' MORE U EAT, D' MORE U LIKE

Angkor Ice Cream

An ice cream vendor in Siem Reap at the Old Market area.


One can see bread in the clear compartment for ice cream accompaniment and it’s a baguette

Sorbetes in a Motorcycle

In the hilly roads of Mt Makiling where pushing a cart is too laborious for an ambulant vendor, it is but apt for this Arsenio Jr. sorbetes to be peddled around in a motorcycle.


I like Arsenio Jr sorbetes than those mass produced ice cream brands. It is simply better.

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