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Corn in Circular Stack


Boiled corn arranged in a circular stack inside a giant clear plastic bag with visible 20 peso folded paper bill that serves as price tag for each corn

If a vendor sells one and the same merchandise only, day after day, it is highly likely that this vendor is sort of a subject matter expert on what he sells. For example, a boiled corn vendor is an expert on how to tell a good corn from a bad one even without removing its husk, and of course he knows how to boil it perfectly, and he has taught himself how to arrange the corn in an artful and optimal manner on his kariton.


Not wanting to mess up his arranged corn, he gets corn from his stock underneath

Moreover it is wise to buy from specialized vendors thanĀ from a grocery store because they themselves would have carefully selected their stuff. A single bad corn is bad for a single merchandise retail business.

Green Banana Kariton in Rush Hour


Morning rush hour in Metro Manila


Kariton retailing - still a way of life in the cities

Banana Kariton

Sight of a green banana cart in a car congested city is something I’d rather see during heavy traffic than a vision of highly urbanized Philippine city where everything is contained in one place (like mall) and streets devoid of something distinctly local like a banana cart.

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