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Squat Toilet Instruction

Drawing instruction on how to position oneself on a squat toilet


Pee Hole


The tiny hole is meant for peeing only

Squat toilets in the country are not as common as in other Asian countries. It’s only in Benguet that I’ve seen several toilets of this type and normally in eating places that serve as motorist stops along Benguet-Nueva Vizcaya Road.


Although squat toilets like those in Japan and Malaysia have flushing system, every one of those I’ve seen here is meant to be flushed using small bucket of water. One thing that caught my fancy on a couple of toilets is that the design is meant for peeing only.

It’s Natural to Squat

When it comes to public toilet, I prefer squat toilets since there’s no physical contact involved, that I’m truly grateful for one if my kid is with me. No more wiping and disinfecting preparation as you can’t make a 7 year old do the art of half-squatting without making a mess on a sitting toilet.


A modern version for a natural and sanitary way of doing one's business in a public facility

Whereas this type of toilet is prevalent in Asia, I have yet to see one in the Philippines apart from a makeshift hole-in-the-ground when there’s no toilet facility.


Squat toilet with tank


This toilet in Bandar Seri Begawan airport has sensor for automatic flushing


Pretty one somewhere in Malaysia. There's a bucket for manual flushing but it doesn't matter as long as there's always water

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