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Mr. Universe


That flexing smile

If Filipinos are proud of their boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, Melakans are undoubtedly proud of their bodybuilding champ Datuk Wira. When in Melaka, one cannot avoid seeing the statues of Mr. Universe so might as well document him here.


Mr. Universe deserves a picture

Tiny Rizal Monument


Scaled down Rizal monument in the townhall grounds of El Nido

Throughout the Philippine islands, one can usually see Jose Rizal statue in schools, government buildings, and public plaza. So far, the monument in El Nido town is the tiniest one I’ve seen.



Jose Rizal statue in Zamboanga City

Not only the streets in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao were named “Rizal”, to give tribute to the national hero, but one can also notice a statue of him in the plaza, government offices, schools, village, in almost every town and cities in the country. Rizal has become a symbolic hero of the present.
Meanwhile, I’m still in Zamboanga City and the members of the Philippine Military deployed here including the Marines that are on their way to provide security are truly the present heroes. The anniversary of last year’s seige is coming up, the reason why it’s on everyone’s mind including the memories of fear.

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