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Handwritten Illustration: Election Voting System


“2016 Election” in the sample ballot in Figure 3. Figure 4 is cute but terrible for it can make someone a president of the Philippines in 2016


I came across this photocopied handwritten information with illustrations, promoting an election voting tool that is manual yet fast. Handwritten illustrations, instructions, including handwritten maps have certain kind of appeal to me. I’ve picked this somewhere in the exhibit area on an empty table but only get to read it at home. So, I didn’t get to see this “fast manual” tool at the Science Nation unlike the Smartmatic’s state-of-the-art touch screen voting machine, a super upgraded PCOS system where I got to touch the candidate’s name with picture beside it to cast my trial vote.


They even made a pitch on the lower left “The excitement and suspense in watching the counting of votes can still be experienced!”

Well, this election voting system on paper says no electricity needed. Voting will be fast for instead of writing, one just needs to punch holes. Reminds me of the beginnings of computing systems where punched cards were used.  Also reminds me of the paper bus tickets in the country.  An entertaining read.

Double Edged Blade


Socket is used for mounting pole so it can be adapted into a spear. This size can be used to cut vegetables says my Ifugao host

My Ifugao host uses this dagger of primitive design as household tool (I saw it near the kitchen). Looks like an appropriate tool to kill small animals for food or for ritual purposes.


Weaved rattan on the handle and across the scabbard

Looks like it can also be used (or has been used) as hunting tool for wild pigs, for instance. The hole at the base is for inserting pole to transform the implement into a spear.


Dagger can safely lock in place in that open-faced wooden scabbard

Long ago when tribal wars still exist in the mountains of Cordillera, this double edged blade tool might have been primarily designed as weapon.

Japan Dustpan


There’s even a holder for tongs.

One can commonly see this type of dustpan in public places such gardens, parks and railroad stations.


Cockfighting Exercise Tool

If there’s no live partner to train, then the cock will do some fighting drills with this human-handled cock dummy.

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