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Lao Tuk Tuk

This one looks nice with its embellishments

A closer look at the wooden embellishments

Parked tuk tuks as seen from the inside of a running tuk tuk



Tourist Tuk Tuk


To go around Siem Reap other than renting a bicycle is to ride a local taxi known as tuk tuk. It’s a motorcycle transport with carriage trailer (whereas in the Philippines our motorcycle taxi aka tricycle has sidecar for passenger seats).


Residents in bicycles

Tuk tuk doesn’t feel like a local public transportation as residents mainly use bicycles (bike lanes exist) for mobility. As for my notion of a local transportation, I find it expensive at $3 for 2 pax ($5 for 5 pax) for less than 2.5 km one way trip. It’s really a tourist transportation system, with a tourist fare understandably because locals don’t use them in their day to day commute.





Same trailer concept but for cargo purposes

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