Tacloban Then

Walking and running around Tacloban sometime in August of 2012, I noticed the effort being done by the local government in beautifying the city. I saw jogging lanes near the water and the slogan “I love Tacloban” was all over. Here are some of my photographs I have then knowing that now this city was completely destroyed by super typhoon Yolanda last November 8, 2013.


Water in downtown Tacloban with commuter boats


Convention Center by the water


One way of going around is by trike


I like the name of this carinderia


This burger joint signage made me smile as I always hear that word from my father. Porbida! is a Cebuano expression meaning "damn!"


If you go inside that cafe then turn left you'll be sitting by the water side


Tacloban's kakanin such as the sagmani and moron in one of those humble snack house in downtown area


Joining a 50 km race, I was able to run in Tacloban and out of the city towards Palo then back and going out again towards Samar side by crossing the San Juanico bridge then back to Leyte again ending in the City Hall area of Tacloban. This is the bridge crossing part of the run


I love Tacloban



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