Lugawan is fairly common in every region all over the archipelago. Lugaw (rice gruel) in several variations is an appealing option for a quick meal wherever its location may be, whether in poblacion or town plaza or along highways as food stop for motorists and provincial buses.

The lugawan in this post is in Alicia town of Isabela province and one can observe several of this table lugawan setup along the national highway where each one serve boiled culled layers as an accompaniment to the plain lugaw. I remember in Bantayan island of Cebu province, grilled culled layers are sold everywhere understandably because chicken egg production is the island’s primary industry. I did enjoy snacking on that tough but tasty meat.

In that clear display shelf, one can choose chicken or egg as lugaw accompaniment or none at all but just plain lugaw depending on one’s budget.


A lugawan place is attractive if there’s a giant caldero full of lugaw continuously heated in a stove using either charcoal or wood as fuel


The lugaw proprietor has a penchant for green color


Some kind of a gamu-gamo trap under a light source. Just put a bit of water inside and the gamu-gamo will go in says the lugaw guy



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