DIY: Danggit Lamayo

Occasionally there’s fresh danggit in the talipapa near the village where I live so in one of those times I decided to get some (80 pesos/kilo) and asked the fish lady to open it up.


Fresh danggit

I marinated the danggit in vinegar, garlic and salt and let the fish absorb the marinade overnight inside the refrigerator before freezing it.
Danggit lamayo is usually eaten as breakfast in Palawan. It was in Coron where I had this for the first time as my daily breakfast. After that first time, I’ve observed that in Puerto Princesa and El Nido, fried danggit lamayo is ever present in the breakfast menu of hotels, guesthouses and resorts.
One thing normal to danggit lamayo (no matter if it’s boneless or not) is the price. It’s expensive even if the concept is the same as those packed marinated bangus. Must be because rabbit fish isn’t farmed.


Deep fried danggit lamayo if paired with fried egg and eaten with fried pink rice makes a very satisfying "fried" almusal



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