Kulitis plant (amaranth) in my tiny container garden, my source of green leafy vegetable for viands such as tinolang isda, munggo soup (with malunggay from garden), tinolang manok and for anything else that needed leaves. This plant grows anywhere even in poor soil condition. Not so many know it’s edible. My neighbor says it’s a weed understandably because kulitis is such an underutilized crop in the country.


Repurposed bamboo from binungey kakanin I had in Bolinao as container for my kulitis plant

Edible plants such as kulitis is my kind of vegetable, those warm weather ones, those pinakbet and Bahay Kubo ones that grow in lowlands and not those lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, not those highland high value sort, you know those Ceasar salad kind even if I live and work in the city.


Bilong bilong tinola with kulitis



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