Barako Guy

In Lipa City, I spotted this peddling guy with several jugs of hot brewed barako coffee and a chest containing local bread. He is a traveling coffee shop.


A traveling coffee shop

As I observe him, I saw a customer handed a mug to be filled straight from the jug. It’s highly likely his regular customers do that.


I wanted one but I don’t have reusable cup and so the barako guy poured my drink in a disposable plastic cup. His coffee tasted simply of brewed barako sweetened with white sugar. A little bit sweet for me but I think it’s the general preference of his market. It was a good sweet hot barako brewed coffee and it calmed my ‘lomi stuffed’ tummy.


A small serving in plastic cup cost 5 pesos like those cheap coffee vendo machines that have proliferated all over the country and where some are even strategically placed beside a panaderia. I tried but never liked it and barako guy’s native coffee is far more superior than those sweet 3-in-1 like coffee of unknown origin that came from those five-buck machines.


I'd rather wait for the barako guy



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