Japanese Graveyard


A couple of times from the inside of a moving train, I’ve seen what looks like a cemetery from afar and I thought it seems different from what I’m used to.


Several slabs instead of a single slab of stone per grave. Studying each grave, I was thinking that each one must belong to a family instead of an individual. I've confirmed that indeed it is

Intrigued on what really a Japanese cemetery looks like from the inside, that one day I went into one via streetcar and alighted at Toden Zoshigaya station to visit the graves inside the Zoshigaya Cemetery.


I intentionally didn't take a snapshot of a specific grave as I'm not sure if its residents will like it. I don't how can I ask their permission

A bit of a chilly stroll it was inside (because of the rain) while I picked and blew a few of the scattered dandelions, study a few graves and took four snapshots of this place.


Some graves have well tended micro garden but the presence of dandelions between graves gave some pretty detail to the graveyard



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