Minowa: Covered Street


Joyful Minowa

Neighborhood such as this with its small time shops, the presence of locals only and the typical homes nearby are what interest me most.


I’ve chanced upon this place as my primary purpose of getting here was to ride the streetcar (yes there’s a tram line in Tokyo).


Lined with shops from food to dry goods

So I walked until the end of the street. Side tripping in the alleys every now and then, and after that, bought torikatsu and sat down in a tiny park just off from the mid-section of this elongated covered street – to eat.


Sometimes I'd wander in the middle of the street, forgetting it's an open one until I hear a vehicle behind me

At the park, an elderly man tried his best to converse and practice very few English words he knew. Hopefully he understood a few of the things I said.


Just one of the several side streets branching out from the covered street

I do have a warm fellow feeling for these elderly denizens and I like seeing them. Especially those cute elderly women who are still riding streetcars, some still working as storekeeper, some out in the streets to shop for essentials. Independent and not sedentary at all.


Where I got my breaded chicken lunch



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