Curtain from Chips Bag


Ceiling ornamentation and curtains made from food foil bags or foil wrappers

Food wrappers or bags repurposed into ceiling ornamentation and curtains, as seen in a guesthouse in Cambulo, a village that is accessible by foot only. Processed food stuff (like chips or Choco Mucho) which are packaged in foil, have already reached the mountain villages in Ifugao. They’ve probably sourced it in Banaue town center.


Closer look of the curtain

Those non-biodegradable wrappers can accumulate and litter the verdant mountains and rice terraces. It’s a wise thing they’ve repurposed these into something practical or decorative.


Cambulo Guesthouse

In Batad village and Banaue town center I’ve also observed food bags or wrappers being repurposed into sellable products like wallets and pouches.


Wallets or coin purse


Sewing wallets while managing a tiny store of cold beverages and processed snacks (for hikers) at this shack in Batad rice terraces


Repurposing paraphernalia



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