The Instant Jamu in Zambo


This medicinal drink tastes like coffee says the writings in red background at the upper right corner

At the barter centers in Zamboanga City, one can most likely notice the presence of this particular jamu. Jamu is a traditional Indonesian medicinal drink, a herbal concoction of whatnot. 


Jamu at the barter (and Duralex glassware)

From what I understand of the writings at the back of the carton, Sehat Badan treats varied ailments such as arthritis, asthma, heart disease and more. There is local demand said the Muslim lady tending the stall in the pictures, and she even ships this to a customer based in Leyte. I’ve seen plenty of jamu shops in Yogyakarta, and when I go back, I’ll document more about jamu (and Malay medicine in general). It seems fascinating.



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