Notes on Souvenirs, Generally


Malapascua Island attracts foreign diving tourists because of the thresher sharks, but I guess this souvenir stall profits more from local tourists

Trip souvenir acquisition is a big thing among Filipinos, generally speaking. It’s a proof of “I’ve been here“, regardless of the amount of visiting time in that statement. Outside the country, if you want to meet Filipino travelers, it is highly likely you’ll see them in keychain, t-shirt and ref magnet sort of souvenir shops.


To have seen that man making thresher shark figurine and documenting it here is my kind of souvenir

Again, generally speaking, it’s not limited to souvenir shops where one can see some concentration of Filipino travelers, but also in popular shopping stores or districts with affordable popular items associated with the destination. Keyword is “popular”. This penchant for imported goods makes destination shopping an unwritten constant itinerary of Filipino travelers, generally.


Varnished thresher sharks



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