Kyoto and its Yellow Garbage Bags


About 8:00 in the morning of Dec 29, 2014, in the course of the long walk towards the streetcar station, I saw several garbage bags in front of homes and in designated pickup spots. Obviously, that day was the assigned day for collecting yellow garbage bags.


As noted, each bag was neatly tied. Apparently, yellow bag must only contain burnable trash (e.g. kitchen trash and paper trash). Garbage not placed inside the official yellow colored plastic bags will not be collected on the scheduled yellow garbage bag collection day.


Several days after in another place, I saw colorless transparent garbage bags with all sorts of bottles – presumably, another category of garbage. With this, I must say that Kyoto’s color-coded garbage collection system is such a neat idea.


Very neat like in a queue


May look like a small dump truck but it has the ability to crush garbage bags thereby making it compact



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