On Itinerary


In relation to the traveling I have done, often times I would get polite requests for itinerary.  Itinerary is non-existent in my realm. I do have an idea what kind of stuff I want to see, and what sort of place I want to immerse myself that my decisions were largely based on that. I think I do it on purpose to go on a trip unprepared, sort of. Without some extensive pre-journey notes afforded me with observations and discoveries entirely my own. Several people may tread the same path, may perceive things the same way, may do things the same way, but I may see things differently if my mind is independent.


Walking about for some Kyoto enlightenment

Moreover, without itinerary there is no timetable to follow as this is something that I truly have an aversion to. Something repulsive as: 5 AM: Wake-up call; 7 AM: Hotel breakfast; 8:30 AM: Temple hopping; 10 AM: Off to this museum ; 12 PM: Lunch at resto X; 2 PM: Photo-ops at this tourist spot; 4 PM: Souvenir shopping; 6-8 PM: Free time; 8 PM: Dinner at resto Y.

Spontaneous decision on what to do and where to go is more fun. And when time is not micromanaged, ideas flow freely. Learning becomes more profound when you check out certain curiosities and make discoveries in an unhurried mood, thus making your trip an exceptional one.



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