Taiwan Sausage


The pale looking ones are actually sticky rice inside a sausage casing. The rice sausage is being grilled, then it would be sliced lengthwise partially so the pork sausage can be wedged on it.

The pork sausage in Taipei (and around) is a savory and tempting snack whether skewered or placed inside a sticky rice sausage (that serves as bun). Quite an extraordinary sustenance because it is deliciously fatty.


Nearly each time I could smell it, I buy. For at least five times as I can remember that I ate grilled pork sausage, I could say that I had a gratifying street food snacking experience in Taiwan. So I thought of collecting few pictures about this subject.


Why does pork sausage taste even better at night?


Skewered pork sausage


For a longer satisfaction


Of various sizes


Pork sausage inside the sticky rice sausage. A meal in itself


Comes in bite sizes too



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