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Pencil Background

They’ve even thought of making pencil no. 2 as background for jeepney route sign. So I’m leaving it here for posterity’s sake, before they start to gentrify jeepneys. I’m not optimistic at all if the government’s plan for jeepney modernization program shall be able to retain the masa art.

Friday Snapshots: Jeepney Decals

Dick D’Pilot of F-16

Estados Unidos Ilocos Express

Reptile Embellishment 

Reptile as jeepney hood ornamentation. Horses are just too common isn’t?

Pickup Truck Jeepney

Normally red in color, this pickup truck transformed into Philippine jeepney-like vehicle is used as a means of passenger transport around Chiang Mai. I like the idea that there is a trash basket on one side of the step platform.

Jeepney Spare Tyre


Jeepney drivers must be acrobatically inclined. Apart from the ability to drive defensively in one hand while the other hand is collecting fare, a jeepney driver can apparently go in and out with ease. One could see that the driver’s door is significantly blocked by a spare tyre. And yes, that’s the standard location for the spare.


Driving tip: Distancia amigo, your side mirror will never be up against that spare tyre.


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