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Rolled Fish

Place the fish side by side on the kraft paper

Roll the kraft paper with the fish

Afterwards she folded the rolled fish in half (crosswise) then gave it to the customer


Hat Store

Empty Seashells

The orderly arrangement of empty discarded seashells

Spot the Kimchi Pots

Previously, Gamcheon was a slum village in Busan, but instead redevelopment they’ve opted preservation and rejuvenation. Nowadays it’s a creative community where art works are seen everywhere, and where imaginative small shops thrive. I love this concept of urban revitalization boosting cultural content rather than erasing it.

I’m pretty sure there are plenty of searchable lovely pictures of this village out there minus the kimchi pots. And so here are the kimchi pots I’ve spotted in my walkabout.

Universal Drinks Menu

Language is not a barrier in ordering a particular beer at a non-English speaking restaurant if the photographs of the actual bottles and cans are in the beverage menu. Quite logical.

Couple Self-Portraits on Locks


A mug with sentimental value

A cell site must be a good place to lock one’s love

Lengthy dedication

Dried Frogs

Dried frogs for sale in Busan

January 1, 2017

Street eating in Busan

New Year’s Shopping

Koreans shopping for seafood at Jalgachi Market today

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