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Rolled Fish

Place the fish side by side on the kraft paper

Roll the kraft paper with the fish

Afterwards she folded the rolled fish in half (crosswise) then gave it to the customer

Potted Pond 

One peculiar thing about Chiang Mai shops is the presence of bowl ponds at their frontage. Whenever we walk by each we try to scrutinize the water lily and what type of tiny fish that dwells in it. Yes there are tiny fish so mosquitoes  will not use it for breeding.

Fish Presentation



Pinamalhan na Salmonete


Pinamalhan na salmonete

Pinamalhan is a Hiligaynon term for stewing fish in vinegar and salt (and/or soy sauce) until all liquid evaporates, hence the dish becomes mala (dry), and that’s why it’s called pinamalhan. We normally include crushed garlic and/or sliced onions to the vinegar and fish for the stewing process. Salmonete fish is perfect for pinamalhan. Back in my growing up days in Bacolod, I recall my mother will always prepare pinamalhan na salmonete every time she can get hold of fresh salmonete from the wet market. Naturally, I get to acquire the liking for this simple breakfast viand that is totally perfect with steamed rice.



Patin is a freshwater fish, a river fish

Inside Siti Khadijah market, one can notice plenty of patin fish.  Looks like a very common food fish in Kota Bharu much like the tilapia fish in Manila.


Cleaning several patin for a customer

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