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Hostel’s Cat Wall Art

Cats of Penang

I have collected these photos from several days of ambling around the streets and alleys of George Town. Some from my morning runs.

Cat Wall Art

Pakchong Cat


Healthy black cat at Pakchong van station (shared taxi system)

At first he ignored me. Moments later he was at my feet, keeping me company for a bit as I waited for the van bound for Bangkok.


A Collage of Humans with Feline Head


As you can see, almost entirely, those are cat head cutouts pasted over human bodies, and put together as collage on a wall by some fine arts dude, a cat fellow or somebody with a twisted mind. Adjacent to that collage wall is a door with “Give piss a chance” written on it.


Just one of those things that catches your attention in one of those streets in Melaka.


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