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Backstreet Books 

Nomenclature of bookshop — Backstreet Books

One thing I love about Chiang Mai is the prevalence of bookshops selling used books. One of them is Backstreet Books with its categorized and neatly arranged books, so unlike most secondhand shops. By the way, browsing in a used bookshop is oftentimes more delightful because of that library feeling ambiance I would get — a feeling that is absent in those Barnes & Noble types.

Chiang Mai Post Box

Toilet Gender Segregation

Table Condiments 

Customizing the final taste of fried rice, noodle dish, or viand is a Thai eating experience, hence the availability of more than three kinds of condiments on the table. I would usually put spicy fish sauce on my fried rice to make it hot and salty.

Chiang Mai Refrigerator 

A kind of refrigerator I have seen in small food shops or eating places in Chiang Mai. Looks heavy duty.

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