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‘Mitsubishi’ Banca

‘Mitsubishi’ written beside ’32’ in this outrigger boat in Bucas Grande

Pencil Background

They’ve even thought of making pencil no. 2 as background for jeepney route sign. So I’m leaving it here for posterity’s sake, before they start to gentrify jeepneys. I’m not optimistic at all if the government’s plan for jeepney modernization program shall be able to retain the masa art.

Masa Art


Masa art is expressed not only in jeepneys but in banca as well.

God in Mud Flaps


Gift of God / Smile God Love You

Every space in a jeepney can be a venue for masa art. Images such as zodiac stickers and Jesus Christ, writings such as dedications and Bible verses and also borloloys such as horns and horses. Philippines is predominantly Christian country so it’s not a wonder that in a span of 30 minutes I’ve sighted 3 mud flaps with God phrase.


God Bless Us

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