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Pandan Deodorizer

Pandan leaves turned into flower bouquet — a deodorizer and decor in one

Reptile Embellishment 

Reptile as jeepney hood ornamentation. Horses are just too common isn’t?

Wok Grille


Wok with flame window grille design

Flowered Trishaw


An elderly driver stood by his trishaw with fog lamps as props in Kota Bharu. Seems Malaysia has this penchant for artificial flower adorned trishaws. I have two more pictures below from Melaka to prove this.



Generic Fiesta Ornamentation


Banderitas in El Nido town for the upcoming Balinsasayaw Festival this March

The most visible generic sign of an approaching town fiesta is no other than the banderitas. These precursory colorful flying triangles effectively set the mood of the townsfolk for the festivities.

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