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Micro-retail Gasoline Stores

Gasoline for motorcycles.


Microretailing Soft Drinks


Microretailing three kinds of soft drink per cup from its corresponding1.5 liter bottle in this uncomplex vending machine

Pinakbet Packets


Pinakbet packet members: bitter gourd, string beans, squash, okra, eggplant

Vegetables needed for a pinakbet dish are sliced and packed for the convenience of the cook and also for the seller to dispose of those imperfect whole ones (e.g. whole eggplant) by slicing the good sections from it of which these will then be sold as members of the pinakbet packet.


Sachets of spices and laundry aids stapled to a rectangular board cut from used carton box.


Spices such as turmeric powder, recado (dried laurel leaf and peppercorns) etc and also laundry aids like oxalic, chlorine, anyel etc are manually repacked in retail sizes

Vegetable Vendor


Retailing vegetables by piece or by tied bundle of those leafy ones. Also the spices and condiments in small plastic packets hanging above the vegetables


Small temporary wet market usually by the roadside. This type of retailing is practical for locals who live on a daily wage thus buying food on a daily basis.



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