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Proof of Sweetness


Pakwan in season

Dangling thin cross-section slices of watermelon as visual proof of sweetness.


Another pakwan stall

Arinola Cashbox


Red arinola hanging in this fruit stall at downtown Iloilo

For the palengke or roadside vendors it seems that the portable potty (arinola) is the most efficient receptacle for cash. I’ve seen this type of cashbox-arinola phenomenon all over the country.


Arinola is the green one behind the bottles. Seen at a talipapa in Metro Manila

Live Ornamentation


Looks like the aquarium fish vendor found a way to make his seating theft proof

Goldfish and other aquarium fish for sale on a sidewalk in downtown Iloilo.

Roadside Ramen Bar


To walk aimlessly in Tokyo evenings, and when hungry and cold, to eat some big bowl of ramen in white broth on a roadside ramen bar. That’s my kind of thing to do in Tokyo and not the Donki thing nor the Uniqlo or GU thing.

Newspaper as Food Wrap

The bamboo container used during smoking process holds the smoked tamban for roadside selling. Each container is wrapped in newspaper as a sanitation idea while being displayed using stacking system on the bamboo shelf just by the national highway.

When you buy the smoked tamban, these will also be wrapped in newspaper.

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