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Manila Bay SubsistenceĀ 

Freshly caught tilapia from Manila Bay for selling, I suppose.

Manila Bay has the reputation of being filthy. Still, one can see more than a few folks fishing by the breakwater, and some fisherfolks on their bangkas catching tilapia several meters away from the shore. I saw a couple of these folks selling
freshly caught tilapia and tahong just within the vicinity of Baywalk. I also saw a group people having early dinner of steamed tiny crabs caught from the breakwater rocks.

Yonder are the yachts of the members of Manila Yacht Club, nearby are the small boats of the common folks used for daily subsistence.

Catching Tilapia in Sungai Melaka


Caught tilapia

Around midday on a weekday in Melaka, things are quiet by the riverbank walkway. But for this local guy, it’s the best time to drop a net and catch some tilapia.


Somebody else is interested


Receptacle for the catch


Tilapia at Talipapa


In Manila, one can get fresh tilapia atĀ talipapa or palengke everyday.

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