Bombon’s Binamban

Binamban is the rice-based delicacy of Bombon town. The first time I had this, a bundle was given to me when I won first place in a 14 km foot race during Binamban Festival where I also saw several binamban vendors that time near the church area. Recently I find myself in Naga so I made a side trip to Bombon just for this unforgettable kakanin. I didn’t see any vendors near the church and it was a Sunday. I went in the palengke area beside the church and bought the last five pieces I could find at 5 pesos each.


Of all the kakanins I've tried, this is a favorite of mine


Glutinous rice flour, brown sugar and shredded coconut are the ingredients of this rice delicacy. Coconut fronds for the packaging.



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