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Rice Stall

The number on the sign denote the price of rice per kilo in Philippine peso. Rice in open sacks on the first row are branded and their signs carry the brand name. Unbranded rice on the second and third rows have signs that tell the variety and quality factor like malambot (tender) and mabango (aromatic).

Pasar Snapshots: Kelantan Ketupat


Kelantan's ketupat is triangular



The other ketupat at the left side is similar to the hanging rice in Visayas region of the Philippines

Pandan in Rice

To achieve an aromatic rice every saing, include few blades of pandan leaves in the steaming.


My only pot of pandan plant, my source of fresh pandan leaves. Just cut few blades for saing purposes


After washing, tie leaves together in the same manner as how tanglad blades are tied. Then place inside the rice cooker or caldero at the start of the saing


The fragrant cooked rice. Ambrosial.

Some Notes on Rice


Rice store in Minowa

Rice sold and served in Japan are mostly from Japan. At the grocery stores, only Japanese rice is available for local consumers. Moreover, the rice bought from a konbini or served in restaurants is locally produced.  I even saw a sign in one establishment saying they only serve Japanese rice.

All the gohan (cooked rice) I’ve had in there were superior in taste. There is no such thing as inferior rice in Japan, I suppose.

These were my observations in Tokyo…as I have deep love for rice, all sorts of excellent rice.

Bombon’s Binamban

Binamban is the rice-based delicacy of Bombon town. The first time I had this, a bundle was given to me when I won first place in a 14 km foot race during Binamban Festival where I also saw several binamban vendors that time near the church area. Recently I find myself in Naga so I made a side trip to Bombon just for this unforgettable kakanin. I didn’t see any vendors near the church and it was a Sunday. I went in the palengke area beside the church and bought the last five pieces I could find at 5 pesos each.


Of all the kakanins I've tried, this is a favorite of mine


Glutinous rice flour, brown sugar and shredded coconut are the ingredients of this rice delicacy. Coconut fronds for the packaging.

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