Kawaii Omiyage


A box of 10 streetcar cakes

Omiyage culture of Japan is akin to the oleh-oleh habit of Indonesians and the customary pasalubong in the Philippines. 


A wrapping paper for the streetcar box with cute map of the Toden Arakawa Line

A souvenir from a trip is something you buy for yourself while an omiyage (or oleh-oleh or pasalubong) is something you buy for others. Normally something edible, a food specialty.


Five streetcar designs

Whereas the oleh-oleh and pasalubong have normal packaging, Japanese cuteness reflects on its omiyage packaging. So cute. So kawaii.


A streetcar box for the streetcar cake


Streetcar cake. Wafer-like on the outside with red bean paste filling. It's like mochi or hopia


Candies packaged like ekiben from a confectionery shop in Kawagoe


Kawaii candies


More candies in cute packaging


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