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Balot Tables


Balot tables beside the Cotta Fort in Ozamiz City

Balot snacking (spelled as balut in Manila), is a sit-down and unhurried street food indulgence in Misamis Occidental. Several small tables with chairs are available. On top of the table are the vinegar and salt condiments; under the table is a bin for egg shells and other throwaways. Indeed it’s only in Oroquieta and Ozamiz where I’ve seen an outdoor table service for balot so far.


Spiced vinegar and salt as condiments for eating balot

It is my observation that folks from Visayas and Mindanao love balot so much and treat it as an ordinary everyday fare. I’m from Visayas and I eat balot from my elementary days until now. I cannot imagine Manila kids doing the same level of indulgence on this delightful snack. Even though Manila population consists of migrant folks from VisMin, it seems that the passing down of balot snacking to the next generation is not easy. Availability isn’t the problem, rather it’s the lack of ‘balot-eating’ ambiance in mega cities. Too bad.


Balot tables near the plaza in Oroquieta City


Balut Carrier

Different modes to carry fertilized duck eggs also known as balut.


Temporarily stationary for the day at a selected spot if balut is in a drum


Balut in a cart for easy mobility


Balut in the basket strapped to the vendor for unimpeded mobility

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