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Tanod Box

A barangay police box in Mandaluyong

The lowest level of political unit in the country is the barangay (similar to a village), hence the lowest level of law enforcement is the barangay tanod or simply tanod or barangay police.

Another barangay police box seen in Mandaluyong

Boxing Day Everyday


At the checkout counter, bagging of groceries can be three ways: In one’s brought bag, in supermarket provided paper bag, or in supermarket provided used carton. It’s been this way ever since plastic bags were banned in Makati City.


Used cartons for groceries

Jeepney Fare Sorter Tray


A customized wooden tray for sorting coins with a recess for sorting rolled paper bills. Makes it easy for the jeepney driver to deposit fare and give change while handling the wheel at the same time.

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