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Middle Finger As Money Clip


Filipino drivers don’t need paper money sorter

The role of a tsuper’s middle finger is similar to a money clip and is basically used to secure fare income. Therefore, holding bills while driving is possible using this fold and tuck around the middle finger method.

Hole Punched Info


Bus paper ticket of OHAYAMI Trans operated by Mr. Imayaho (Ohayami in reverse)

Provincial buses in the Philippines commonly use hole punched paper tickets as passengers’ fare document. By means of hand-held single-hole puncher, the bus conductor or the ticket guy at the terminal will put holes on the ticket to indicate fare amount and other relevant details.

Jeepney Fare Sorter Tray


A customized wooden tray for sorting coins with a recess for sorting rolled paper bills. Makes it easy for the jeepney driver to deposit fare and give change while handling the wheel at the same time.

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